Breakthrough Science Society, Odisha Chapter

Advisory Board
Dr. Ramesh Nayak, Mr. Biswabasu Das, Dr. Subhashis Basask
Dr. Jaya Prakash Das
Er. Akhaya Das, Mr. Bisnu Behera, Mr. Sachidananda Pradhan
Dr. Sidhartha Varadwaj
Asst. Secretary
Mr. Prakash Mohanty, Mr. Ganesh Behera, Mr. Kulamani Nayak
Executive Committee
Dr. Rati Ranjan Nayak, Mr. Prakash Nayak, Dr. Manorama Patri, Mr. Sachi Ranjan Behera, Ms Subhra Roy, Mr. Jatindra Mahanta, Mr. Subhash Bhattacharya, Mr. Jagadish Mishra Mr. Shibani Sankar Mishra, Mr. Pravakar Ojha, Mr. Pranabandhu Maharana, Mr. Rajesh Pani

Organizational Report

Science Fest at Ravenshaw University

15 January 2017 Cuttack: A Science Fest was organised in Ravenshaw University on 15 January, 2015 by Bigyana Chetana Mancha, Odisha. In the day long program, students demonstrated experiments and presented posters on green energy and its applications. The program was inaugurated by Prof. Prakash Chandra Sarangi, Vice Chancellor of Ravenshaw University, and Prof. Kamal Kanta Mishra, Vice Chancellor, Utkal University of Culture. Prof. Sarangi discussed about how scientific laws operate in social as well as natural phenomena. Prof. Mishra spoke on the topic "Science and society today".... | Read more

Workshop on “The development of Science in Ancient India: Myth and Reality”

16th Aug 2015, Bhubaneswar, Odisha: A state level workshop on the topic “The development of Science in Ancient India: Myth and Reality” was held at the Auditorium hall of Institute of Physics (IOP), Bhubaneswar on 16 August 2015. Prof. Birendra Nayak, retired professor of mathematics, Utkal University inaugurated the day long workshop with a call to propagate scientific temper. More than 250 delegates from different parts of Odisha actively participated in the workshop. Prof. Ajit Srivastava, Institute of Physics, Bhubaneswar discussed the false claims made in 102nd Indian Science Congress regarding the aviation science in ancient India. ... | Read more

Seminars on Life of Madam Curie

03/08/2014: A convention was held at Sidhanta Academy of Puri District to commemorate Madam Curie. Dr. Kartika Kumar Das, Principal, Konark College graced the occasion as chief guest and uphold that Madam Curie discovered two radioactive elements radium and polonium but did not patent the knowledge for any financial benefit but instead dedicated her research for mankind. The chief speaker of the occasion, Dr. Sidhartha Varadwaj impressed upon the students to get inspiration from the life of Madam Curie and build up scientific temperament. Educationist and writer Mr. Nabakrushna Mohanty also participated in the deliberation. The student participants Mr. Chandra Sekhar Mohapatra, Ms. Sanjana Bahidar, Mr. Nabakrushna Sarangi, Mr. Kartic Rout and Mr. Anil K. Jena discussed different aspects of highly dedicated and struggling life of Madam Curie.

07/11/2014: At Arangabad High school of Jajpur district a poster exhibition and seminar on the life of great scientist Madam Curie was organized by Bigyana Chetana Mancha Odisha (affiliated to BSS). Mr. Kulamani Nayak, Mr. Braja Mohan Sahu, Mr. Akhaya Das, Mr. Subash Mqallick and Mr. Santosh Kumar Jena organized the program in which more than 200 students participated

Popularizing Astronomy

In November 2014, sky watching programs were organized at different educational institutions in Jajpur district. Students got involved and motivated by the seminars and workshops on sky watching. Many got interest in looking at different celestial objects through telescope. Students also took keen interest in identifying different constellations in the night sky. Hundreds of students participated and enjoyed these programs.
On 21/12/2014 a lecture on Night sky watching was also organized in the department of chemistry, Ravenshaw University, Cuttack.
On 14/01/2015, in an educational institution at Chikidi of Ganjam district Mr. Gobinda Chandra Nayak demonstrated a homemade telescope and discussed the night sky watching through Stellarium software.

Seminars on diabetics

On 21/12/2014 and 22/01/2015 seminars were organized on the topic ‘Take Control: stress can play havoc to your blood sugar’ at Ravenshaw University, Cuttack and at Rourkela respectively. Prof. Parimal Mishra discussed that the modern life style and social uncertainty is leading to stress, which is the primary reason for spread of diabetics even among the youth. Students from different parts of odisha participated in the seminar at Ravenshaw University. Prof. Mishra further put emphasis on the necessity of regular physical exercise to avoid diabetics. In the seminar at Rourkela Dr. Naresh Panda, Dr, Ratnakar Panda and Mr. Ganesh Behera also participated in the deliberation.