Breakthrough Science Society
Tamil Nadu State Committee

Advisory Committee:
Prof (Dr) R Manivannan, Prof (Dr) A Subbiah Pandi, Dr M R Sridharan, Dr R Venkatesan, Dr S V M Satyanarayana
Dr Uma Ramachandran
Vice Presidents:
Dr S H Thilagar
George Joseph
S Regurathipandian

General Council:
M P Ganesan, R Muruganandam, K Yogarajan, S Sadasiv, S Sugubala

Program on Marie Curie Day
July 4 : BSS Madurai chapter organized a program at American college Higher Secondary School, Madurai. Dr Malarvizhy (Retd ISRO Scientit) was the main speaker. She spoke about the illustrious life of Madam Curie. Ms Selvi Pakiyam also spoke on the occasion. For details, Click Here

Discussion on the Method of Science
22 January, 2017: A talk on “The Method of Science” was organised at Anna University, Chennai on 22 January 2017. Dr Soumitro Banerjee, General Secretary, Breakthrough Science Society, was the speaker. The talk was followed by an interactive session in which students actively participated by raising several questions. For details, Click Here

Discussion on the Discovery of Gravitational Waves by Dr K G Arun, Member, LIGO Scientific Collaboration & Felicitation of Dr K G Arun by BSS and Loyola Physics Association
23 August, 2016: A felicitation program honouring Dr K G Arun of Chennai Mathematical Institute and Member, LIGO Scientific Collaboration was organised on August 23, 2016 at Loyola College, Chennai. This was jointly organised by the Breakthrough Science Society, Tamilnadu Chapter and the Loyola Physics Association. Dr Uma Ramachandran, President, BSS Tamilnadu, presided. Dr Jerome Das, Department of Physics, Loyola College welcomed the enthusiastic gathering of students and teachers from 10 city colleges. For details, Click Here

Madam Curie Day Observed
3 July, 2016: A demonstration of Chemistry experiments was conducted at Sivan Park, K K Nagar, Chennai on July 3 as part of observance of Madam Curie Day. Prof N Elangovan of A M Jain College and a team of students conducted the demo program. Through the experiments Prof Elangovan explained the science behind several phenomena seen in everyday life. He also exposed some of the magic tricks used by godmen and babas. A good number of students and their parents who were present enjoyed the demo program and asked several questions. Dr S H Thilagar, Vice President, BSS Tamilnadu in his presidential address spoke about a few salient aspects in the life of Marie Curie. For details, Click Here

National Science Day Program
On the occasion of the National Science Day, Madurai chapter of Breakthrough Science Society organised a two-day Science Workshop on Feb 26-27, 2016 at Gandhi Museum, Madurai. Ms Sugubala S, Member, State Committee, BSS, Tamilnadu, presided. Dr R Murali, former Principal, Madura College, inaugurated the workshop. The Chief Guest Dr R Venkatesan, Scientist, IGCAR & Advisor, BSS, Tamilnadu, spoke on the importance of the National Science Day and the discovery of Raman Effect. He urged the students to fight out falsehood, superstitions and to cultivate scientific outlook in life. Mr Ragurathi Pandian, State Committee member of BSS, briefly explained about the developments of science in Ancient India. More than 100 students from different colleges actively participated in the workshop. In the afternoon sessions, group discussions were held. The workshop came to a close with the staging of a play by the participants. For details, Click Here

Madam Curie Memorial Meeting

Madam Curie memorial meeting was organised by BSS Madurai chapter at Thiagarajar college, Madurai on 15 July, 2015. Ms Sugu presided and students from different classes on Madam curie's life and work. Prof R V Krishnakumar, Dept of Physics, Thiagarajar college delivered the special lecture on the occasion. Ms Selvi, student of the college took initiative in organising the program.
Mountain View
Madam Curie Memorial Meeting

In Madura college, Madurai, a lecture program on Madam Curie was conducted on 17 July, 2015. Prof K.Yogarajan, was the main speaker. He discussed at length on Madam Curie's life and her contribution towards science and society. Ms Divya took initiative in organising the program.
Mountain View
Program on National Science Day

On the occasion of the National Science Day, the BSS Tamilnadu chapter in association with various colleges organised the following programs.

Seminar on “Science to Common Man” and Chart Exhibition at Bharathi Women’s College, Chennai on 25 February, 2015

Smt. S. Fouzia, Head, Department of Chemistry, welcomed the gathering. Dr V Lilly, Principal, inaugurated the seminar on “Science to Common Man”. Dr M Balasubramaniyam, Dean of Research Studies & Senior Scientist, Madras Diabetes Research Foundation, Chennai, spoke on “Science Brings Happiness”. He explained the recent scientific developments in controlling diabetics. More importantly, he pointed out the significance of communicating science to common man. Dr Niranjali Devaraj, Head & Professor, Department of Biochemistry, University of Madras, Guindy Campus, Chennai, spoke on “Women and Science”. Referring to the struggle of Madam Curie and Rosalind Franklin, who played a key role in discovering DNA double helix structure, she said that the gender discrimination still continues in the west. She called for the young women to utilise all opportunities available today for pursuing scientific research after their collegiate education. Dr R Venkatesan, Scienctist, IGCAR, Kalpakkam and Member Advisory Committee, BSS TN, spoke on “The need to develop a scientific bent of mind”. Explaining the scientific methodology based on induction, deduction and hypothesis, he said that experimental verification is the only basis upon which hypotheses are accepted as scientific theories. Lack of this methodology in all walks of life outside laboratories among science students and teachers is hampering the development of scientific temper in the society. He also mentioned the growing tendency of falsifying the science tradition in our country. Charts and photographs depicting the life and works of great scientists prepared by BSS Tamilnadu were exhibited.

Science day Seminar at American College, Madurai on 26 February 2015

Prof Gnanasekaran, Head, Dept of Physics gave the welcome address. Dr Abraham, Vice Principal, American College, inaugurated the seminar. He reminisced about Dr K S Krishnan, an alumnus of the college, who had played a great role in the discovery of Raman Effect. Dr K S Krishnan had worked as a research student under Sir C V Raman. Students from six colleges presented their views on various topics. Dr Krishnakumar, Dept of Physics, Thiagarajar College, Madurai, sharply criticised the trend of mixing science with mythology. Mr George Joseph, Secretary, BSS TN spoke on “The evolution of the scientific methodology”.

Science Day Seminar at Dr Ambedkar Government Arts College, Chennai on 28 February 2015

Prof Ganesan, Dept of Physics welcomed the gathering. Dr Selvanathan, Vice Principal, delivered the inaugural address. Dr. R. Venkatesan, Member Advisory Committee, BSS TN, spoke on “Science in India since the days of Raman”. Mr Ilango Subramanian, Newton Science Club, spoke on “Raman effect – Relevant even today”. Students from the college also spoke. A week before the program, students were given training to conduct demonstrations to explain scientific concepts through simple experiments.