The current issue

(Vol.20, No.1, February 2018)


Scientists' Voice

    Scientists protest against the attack on the Theory of Evolution
    1. Scientistsí Letter to Dr. Satyapal Singh
    2. Celebration of Darwin Week

    Scientists demand greater support for science and education

    1. Petition to the Prime Minister, Government of India
    2. Statement of Breakthrough Science Society on the Union Budget 2017-18

General Articles

  • Responsibility of Scientists towards Building Scientific Temper in Society    
    Aniket Sule

  • Funding for Education in India : The Rationale Behind the
    Demand of 10% of GDP for Education
    Arghya Das

  • Stubble Burning in India -- Problems, Prospects,
    Management Options and Policy Needs    
    Safique Ul Alam

Organizational News

  • BSS observes National Science Day with the slogan "India
    Against Superstition and Pseudo-science"