India March for Science, Bangalore

At 11am more than 1500 people including scientists, research scholars, doctors, engineers, post-doctorate students, post-graduate students, graduate students and general public joined the march at Town Hall on Aug 9, 2017. The memorial of Prof.U.R.Rao, Prof.Pushpa Bhargava, Prof.Yash Pal gave the ambience a sense of generations of scientists in defence of scientific temperament. Prof.Japhet (VC of Bangalore Central University), Dr.HSM Prakash (Deputy director (retd), GSI) and Mr.Nagesh Hegde (Popular Kannada science writer) paid homage to Prof U.R.Rao, Prof.Yash Pal, and Prof.Pushpa Bhargava respectively. Prof.Japhet (VC of Bangalore Central University) flagged off the march. Dr.G.S.D.Babu (Director, M.P.Birla Institute of Fundamental Research) handed over the message from senior scientists to junior research scholars in the "wise words to walk with" ceremony. The slogan that was passed by the seniors to juniors was "Celebrate, nurture and protect science. Promote Scientific temper". More than 50 scientists and hundreds of research scholars from various research institutes like IISc, RRi, JNCASR, ICTS, TIFR, NCBS, NIAS, ISI, BU, BCU etc., participated in the march. Ms. Rajani K.S (State Secretary, Breakthrough science society) conducted the event at town hall. The hall meeting was conducted by Mr G. Sathish Kumar (State President, Breakthrough Science Society).

India March for Science Bangalore hoisting demand banner

India March for Science Bangalore at Town Hall

India March for Science Bangalore at Town Hall

Marchers assembled at India March for Science Bangalore

Science marchers at the India March for Science Bangalore