India March for Science, Mumbai

On Wednesday around 300 scientists, professors and researchers joined MARCH FOR SCIENCE in Mumbai. It started at 4pm from Kranti Maidan and ended up at Bharatiya Bima Nigam office near Chowpatty. Students from IIT Mumbai, TIFR and others important institutions were present to express their solidarity about the demand upheld at IMFS. "The problem arises when the government or its agencies do not come out and condemn statements made by public officials which are far removed from fact" Deepak Modi from the National Institute for Research in Reproductive Health, Mumbai, said. "Most of these statements are based on blind religious beliefs. This contributes much faster to policy making than we would imagine. Ten people start believing a myth and it comes into policy in no time," he also added. "The rally is not just to demand more funds for science. It is time scientists come together to speak about the shift we are seeing in government funds for research in cow urine. If we do not speak now, people will believe in validation of cow urine without evidence" said Professor Aniket Sule, Astrophysicist attached with Homi Bhabha Center for Science Education. Many people involved in the march have strongly expressed their views that this event has set up a history and should be continued in the future.

The IMFS Mumbai front banner

The assembly of marchers at IMFS Mumbai

India March for Science Mumbai advancing

India March for Science Mumbai with slogans

The Marchers at the front of Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan