Breakthrough Science Society (IIT Kharagpur Chapter) organized a flood relief camp for the recent flood affected victims at Village-Ranichak, Block- Daspur-II, Dist- Paschim Midnapur, West Bengal on 26th August 2017 with the flood relief materials received from the IIT community. Professors and Research Scholars of IITKGP personally distributed the relief materials in the following villages with the help of local volunteers and Science Clubs. Packets containing Rice, Dal, Mustard Oil packet, Semolina (suji), biscuit, Potatoes, Onion, Sugar, Dettol Soap, Phenyl were distributed to the villagers (180 families) along with the usable cloths, donated by the students and faculty members of IIT Kharagpur.
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new blink Scientists organize INDIA MARCH FOR SCIENCE

Scientists all over the world organized March for Science on 22 April in 600 cities, demanding greater support for science and demanding that governmental policies be guided by evidence-based science. Since our country has the same problems, and in addition we see an active propagation of unscientific beliefs and superstitions, eminent scientists gave a call to organize an India March for Science on 9th August in all important cities of India. On that day more than 15,000 scientists, research scholars, teachers, students, and science-loving people Marched through the streets in 43 cities and towns of India. ... | Read more

Press Statement on Introduction of Vastu at IIT Kharagpur

In a workshop recently organized in Kolkata with the theme ‘Vastu in Global Perspective’, it was announced that IIT Kharagpur has decided to introduce vastu-shastra in the undergraduate and post-graduate programs in Architecture. Professor Amitabha Datta, President of Breakthrough Science Society West Bengal Chapter issued the following statement in response to a news item published in newspapers. ... | Read more

BSS submits memorandum to the Central Environment Minister regarding the approval of GM Mustard

A genetically modified hybrid Mustard (DMH-11) variety developed by the Delhi University is awaiting approval by the Genetic Engineering Appraisal Committee for environmental release. The Breakthrough Science Society submitted a memorandum regarding this to the Central Environment Minister, demanding that the approval should not be accorded hastily without a scientifically conducted study of the long-term impacts on crop biodiversity, consumer safety, and environmental protection. For details, Click Here

BSS launches petition on the process of formulation of the "New Education Policy—2016

The BSS initiated a petition to urge the Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD) to adopt a transparent and democratic process in formulating the New Education Policy. The petition asked the government to release the full draft of the proposed NEP-2016 (not an abridged version), to make it available in all state languages, and to publicize it properly in the print and electronic media. It urged the MHRD to subject it to scrutiny and discussions by the stakeholders to evolve an education policy that will truly address the education needs of the masses. The petition, signed by 245 scientists and educationists, has been submitted to the MHRD.

Felicitation of scientists involved in the discovery of gravitational wave on 19 June, Kolkata

Kolkata, 18 June, 2016: Breakthrough Science Society, West Bengal Chapter organized a program to felicitate Dr Rajesh Kumble Nayak and Ms Anuradha Samajder of Indian Institute of Science Education and Research, Kolkata (IISER) who were involved in the discovery of gravitational wave. The program was held on June 18 at Meghnad Saha Auditorium, Rajabazar Science College, Calcutta University. Prof. Dhrubajyoti Mukherjee, President of BSS presided. Prof. Soumitro Banerjee, General Secretary of BSS was also present. Prof. Amit Ghosh of Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics delivered a popular talk on General Theory of Relativity. Dr Rajesh Nayak explained about the discovery of gravitational wave by LIGO and their contribution in the project. After the talks, Dr Rajesh Nayak and Ms Anuradha Samajder were presented with felicitation certificates. The auditorium was full with students, teachers and professors. For details, Click Here