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Press Statement

16 May 2018

Breakthrough Science Society mourns the passing away of Professor E C G Sudarshan on 14 May 2018, whose seminal contributions to theoretical Physics have enriched our understanding about the material world. Sudarshan’s illustrious career in physics began in CMS College, Kottayam, followed by Madras Christian College (MCC) Chennai and Tata Institute of Fundamental Research (TIFR) Mumbai. It was the great teachers in the MCC who laid the strong foundation of Physics in already well trained Sudarshan. .... | Read more

07 September 2017

The Breakthrough Science Society (BSS) is shocked by the brutal murder of the renowned  journalist and social activist Gowri Lankesh on 5th September 2017 in front of her house in  Bangalore and condemns the dastardly act in no uncertain terms. The killing strikes at the very  core of the idea of democracy which allows reason to rule, encourages spirit of enquiry and  guarantees freedom to dissent.  .... | Read more

19 April 2017

Professor Amitabha Datta, President of Breakthrough Science Society West Bengal Chapter issued the following statement in response to a news item published in newspapers regarding the introduction of vastu in undergraduate and postgraduate programs of IIT Kharagpur, and the publication of vastu prescriptions in a science journal published by IIT Kharagpur: In a workshop recently organized in Kolkata with the theme ‘Vastu in Global Perspective’, it was announced that IIT Kharagpur has decided to introduce vastu-shastra in the undergraduate and post-graduate programs in Architecture. Topics like sacred diagrams, 9 circuit placements or the nabagraha mandal, sacred altars, etc., will be taught, and the students will be asked to do projects and assignments on these topics. The recent issue of a journal published by the 'Ranbir and Chitra Gupta School of Infrastructure Design and Management', IIT Kharagpur, advised people to follow vastu practices in day to day life—like keeping idols of ‘Hanuman’ and ‘Ganesha’ in front of the house. An article titled “A to Z of Vastu Vidya” by Prof. Joy Sen claims that these idols can protect us from “evil powers”! ... | Read more

12 May 2016

Like many other concerned citizens, scientists and researchers across the country, we are deeply dismayed to learn that the Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD) has issued an advisory to the IITs and other institutes of national importance instructing them to initiate “Sanskrit Cells” for introducing courses in Sanskrit. ... | Read more

2 November 2015

Breakthrough Science Society unequivocally condemns the brutal attacks on secular writers and publishers by Islamic fundamentalists in Bangladesh. Publisher Faisal ArefinDipan was hacked to death in Dacca on Oct 31. On the same day another publisher Ahmedur Rashid Chowdhury and writers RanadipamBasu and Tarek Rahim were attacked and grievously wounded. Earlier secular writersAvijit Roy was hacked to death on February 26, Washiqur Rahman Babu was killed on March 30, Ananta Bijoy Das was murdered on May 12, and Niloy Chatterjee was murdered on August 6. These acts of religious intolerance and hatred are signs of growing fascism in the sub-continent. ... | Read more

4 October 2015

It is shocking to read that Sri K. V. Dhananjay, legal counsel, Karnataka Unaided Schools Management Association (KUSMA) has stated that Darwin’s theory of evolution is unscientific and that the association will move the Union and State Governments to remove it from school text books.
The scientific validity of Darwin’s theory of evolution is an established fact that has withstood the critical scrutiny of biologists and scientists across the world for over a century. The world has moved ahead since the time of Darwin and evolutionary biologists are providing further evidence for evolution enriching the theory. ... | Read more

31 August 2015

We are deeply shocked at the barbaric murder of Prof. M. M. Kalburgi, an erudite scholar, renowned researcher and an authority on Vachana literature by two miscreants at his residence in Dharwad yesterday.
His daughter Roopadarshi has clarified that there has been ‘no family feuds that might have led to the killing’. A few sources have said that the killing of Dr. Kalburgi have similarities with the murder of Dr. Narendra Dabolkar in Maharashtra. Immediately after the killing, a Bajranj Dal activist has tweeted a death threat to another scholar as reported in the media. These incidents strengthen the suspicion that intolerance to that ideas of Dr. Kalburgi could be the reason for this heinous killing which is completely unacceptable in any democratic society. ... | Read more

7 April 2015

Today, the General Secretary of Breakthrough Science Society, Prof. Soumitro Banerjee, has issued this following statement regarding the unscientific claim by the Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi about the discovery of life in plants. “The scientific community of India expresses grave concern at the false unscientific claims made by the honorable Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi at a meeting of the Ministry of Environment and Forests yesterday. ... | Read more

8 January 2015

Breakthrough Science Society held a PRESS MEET on 8th January, 2015 at Somajiguda Press Club, Hyderabad against the recent papers submitted in the Indian Science Congress, held in Mumbai. Eminent Scientists and Education personalities like Sri. P.M. Bhargava, Sri. Viswesara Rao, Sri Vakulabharanam Ramakrishna spoke on the occasion. The summary of their speeches is given below: ... | Read more

4 January 2015

The All India Executive Committee of Breakthrough Science Society (BSS) expresses its happiness at the commencement of the 102nd Indian Science Congress at the University of Mumbai premises being held on 3-7 Jan, 2015. It is heartening to see that an impressive number of distinguished scientists including Nobel Laureates from across the world are participating in the Congress and discussing on various topics of scientific and social importance such as Biodiversity conservation, Clean Energy, Space Technology, Nanoscience, Nutrition & Health etc.. We wish the Congress a grand success.
At the same time, we note with deep concern the proceedings of the Symposium on ‘Ancient Sciences through Sanskrit’ organised on Sunday, 4 January at 9.30AM – 1.30PM. The topics in the symposium include “Ancient Indian Aviation Technology”, “Neuro Science of Yoga: Understanding the Process” etc.. Here are the reasons for this worry. ... | Read more

3 November 2014

Breakthrough Science Society expresses its shock and dismay at the utterance of Prime Minister Narendra Modi at the inaugural ceremony of the H.N. Reliance Foundation Hospital and Research Centre on October 25, where he asserted that when the epic of Mahabharata was written, plastic surgery and genetic cloning were in vogue in India. Such an idea goes against all historical evidence and the basic tenets of rationality, because the mythologies about the birth of Karna and the head of Ganesha cannot provide “evidence” for these assertions. All right-thinking people, irrespective of political opinions, have expressed the concern that vast sections of Indian people are immersed in various blind unscientific beliefs and practices, and that if India is to emerge as a modern nation, a scientific outlook and temper has to be established within the society. Breakthrough Science Society is committed to the struggle for eradicating the blind beliefs existing in our society and for promoting a rational scientific outlook among the people of India. The utterances of the highest executive of this country will surely promote the perpetuation of irrationality and blindness and we register our strong objection to such retrogressive utterances.