Breakthrough Publications

The organ of Breakthrough Science Society is the science magazine Breakthrough. [Check out details of current issue and archive]
Subscription Rs. 250 (for 8 issues, including postage within India).

Online subscription is preferred. Please use the link "subscribe". Alternatively, please send a bank draft (payable to "Breakthrough" at Kolkata) to Breakthrough, 8A Creek Lane, Taltala, Kolkata 700014 Please do not send cash in envelopes. In case you prefer to send cheque, please add Rs, 50/- (that is, send Rs. 300/-). Write, in capital letters, your name, full address (including pin code), and your e-mail address. We acknowledge the receipt only by e-mail.

The manifesto of the science movement spearheaded by BSS is contained in the booklet
What We Need is a New Science Movement. (Rs. 20)

Books published by BSS are:
    And its Relationship with the Development of Productive Forces, Production Relations, and Philosophy
    Rs. 250 (Hardbound)
  2. Integrating Science with Society
    Proceedings of the Conference on Integrating Science with Society, Jadavpur University, Kolkata, 15-16 December 2018
    Rs. 250 (Hardbound)
  3. Science in Ancient India: Reality versus Myth - Rs. 60
  4. Science and Society (by Prof. Sushil Kumar Mukherjee) - Rs. 125 (Hardbound)
  5. Seminal Thoughts (A collection of historic articles by leading scientists and public figures) - Rs. 125 (Hardbound)

The following publications are in Bengali:

  1. বিবর্তন যুগে যুগে (Evolution Through Ages) - Rs. 150 (Hardbound)
  2. আজকের বিজ্ঞান আন্দোলন (The Science Movement Today), Rs. 5
  3. ধূমকেতু (Comets), Rs. 3
  4. আর্সেনিক দূষণ ও প্রতিকার (On Arsenic Pollution), Rs. 3
  5. লিওনিড উল্কাবৃষ্টি (Leonid Meteor Shower), free
  6. জিওর্দানো ব্রুনো (The life of Giordano Bruno), Rs. 4
  7. হিগস বোসন কণাআবিষ্কারের তাৎপর্য (The significance of the discovery of Higgs' boson), Rs. 10

To order any of the above publications, please send the total cost plus Rs. 50 for postage
by bank draft to
Breakthrough Science Society
8A Creek Lane

(The bank draft should be drawn in favour of Breakthrough Science Society, payable at Kolkata)

Alternatively deposit money using the "Donate" link, and send a mail to giving your full postal address, your phone number, and a list of books for which you have paid.

Publications in other languages are

  1. Achievements of Science in Ancient India (in Tamil) - Rs. 10
    Contact : George Joseph (Mob:9894501854)