All Bengal Science Camp

To commemorate the International Year of Astronomy

400 years back the great scientist Galileo Galilei opened up the window of knowledge to mankind when he pointed his telescope toward the sky. He ushered the objective method in place of the subjective mode of thinking prevalent till his time. He introduced the concept of purposive experimentation and quantitative measurement as ways of gaining positive knowledge about nature. When he showed that force does not cause motion, as was believed at that time, instead it causes change in motion, mechanics came out of the old "common-sense" mode of thinking to a new form of scientific reasoning. Thus he paved way for the emergence of Newton and Einstein. In course of making such path-breaking scientific contributions, he had to face trial and imprisonment by the religious orthodoxy, because his scientific work did not conform to the worldview upheld by the Church.

To commemorate this crucial juncture in the history of science, the science clubs associated with Breakthrough Science Society organized various programmes through the year 2009 to commemorate the International Year of Astronomy. As a culmination of the series of programmes, the BSS is going to organize an All Bengal Workshop on this issue.

Venue: Maharani Kashiswari Girls' School, Berhampur, Murshidabad District, West Bengal

Dates: 20-21 February 2010


20th February
2PM: Inauguration
Welcome address by Dr. Biswanath Ganguli, Prof. Sukumar Mal, and Dr. Samiruddin Sarkar on behalf of the Reception Committee
3PM: Seminar on the life-struggle of Galileo Galilei and his scientific contributions
President: Dr. Anis Ray (Retired Professor, Presidency College)
Dr. Debiprasad Duari (Birla Planetarium)
Prof. Purnendu Sen (Retired Professor, Krishnanath College)
Prof. Dhruba Mukhopadhyay, FNA (Retired Professor, Calcutta University)
5-5.30PM: Tea break
5.30PM-7PM: Training session on astronomy, Conducted by Mr. Biplab De (Skywatchers' Association)
7PM-7.30PM: Anti-Superstition show
7.30PM-9PM: Skywatching with telescope and a film show on Galileo (parallel sessions in groups)
9PM: Dinner (skywatching will continue after dinner)

21st February
7.30AM-8.30AM: Breakfast
8.30AM: Group discussions
10.30AM: Tea break
11AM: Talk on International Language Day, by Mr. Sumit Banerjee (Professor, Jiaganj Sripat Singh College)
11.30AM: Slide-assisted talk, topic: "Year 2012: Will the World Really Come to an End?" Speaker: Dr. Soumitro Banerjee, General Secretary, BSS
12.30PM: Lunch
2PM: Concluding session. Speaker: Debashis Ray